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The LSAT answers you need

How long should you study for the LSAT?

Give yourself AT LEAST 3-4 months to prepare for the LSAT. Nevertheless, you may need more time if you are working, a parent or caregiver, and/or a college student, as well.

As such, do NOT compare your timeline to another future lawyer’s timeline.

Should I take an LSAT Prep Course?

Would you attempt to learn a new language, such as Arabic, on your own? In most cases, NO. Well, the LSAT is a new language, and therefore, YES, you should take an LSAT Prep Course.

The LSAT is a new language that should not be conquered alone. As such, a Blueprint LSAT Prep Course is an investment that provides a massive return if you use your prep course, and all its materials and resources, to its full advantage.

What if I cannot afford a prep course?

Blueprint offers many flexible LSAT Prep options, to include monthly scholarship giveaways for Jas Talks Law subscribers. Visit to subscribe to our email list so you can learn how to win a free or heavily discounted course!

What should I know before I start studying for the LSAT?

After you get a base-level understanding of the LSAT material, replace the word “study” with “practice.” As attorneys, we “practice” law, and we use the word “practice” very intentionally because we practice applying the law to different facts to create an analysis and conclusion.

As such, once Blueprint teaches you the question types in Logical Reasoning, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension, you must then PRACTICE repeatedly. P.S. get used to practicing because you will complete many practice questions in law school, and practice again and again as a lawyer!

In other words, studying is only 50% of preparing for the LSAT, while practicing is 50%. If you practice sufficiently, you will do the following:

· Complete at least 20 practice sections and test

· Thoroughly review the answers and explanations for the incorrect AND correct questions (you could have got a question right for the wrong reason)

How and when do I register for the LSAT?

Visit to register for the LSAT. Nevertheless, I DO NOT suggest registering for the LSAT at the beginning of your LSAT studies. Instead, let your studies turn to consistent practice, which will then lead to improved practice test scores that PROVE you are ready to take the LSAT (a $190 price tag that you do not want to pay for more than once).

In other words, prove to yourself that you are ready to take the test BEFORE you register and, as a result, avoid that “should I withdraw, I’m not ready” moment a week before the LSAT.

Enough about the LSAT, what about my personal statement, addendums, etc.?

Our very affordable Personal Statement Workbook and Pre-Law Masterclass will provide everything else you need to know to gain admission to law school WITH a full-tuition scholarship. Just ask one of our future lawyers that contributed to our $2 million + in law school scholarships.

And use discount code: BLUEPRINT to take 15% off your purchase. The discount code expires on October 31st but is limited to the first ten uses, so reserve your discount asap!

Need more help with the LSAT or the Law School Admissions Process, overall? Email us: or D.M. us on Instagram or Twitter: @jastalkslaw. Moreover, receive our FREE Law School Admissions Timeline by visiting our website,, and subscribing to our e-newsletter.



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