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Your Gift For Making It Through The First Week Of 2021 ..

This year, we MUST be tuned in. Including being aware of all of the signs from our ancestors, higher beings, etc. Have you ever seen any of these numbers repeatedly? It's a sign, and I want you to know what they mean! So, please make the version above or the version below your screensaver and let me know how these reminders impact your life!

Increasing the 5% of black lawyers is more than just getting the right LSAT score and acceptance to the right law school. To accomplish this goal, our spiritual health is equally as important. As such, this is your gift for making it through the first week of 2021, and what a crazy week it has been, right? Where do I begin? The civil war that would have been a blood bath for black lives matters protest? Or Trump FINALLY getting his Twitter fingers cut off? Or Biden, Kamala, Ossoff, Warnock, or Stacey???! Three of which are HBCU grads ..

P.S. don't ever say anything else about Atlanta -- our hookah as litty as our votes. Period!

Happy new year. Love and light.

- Attorney Jas



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