The Pre-Law Masterclass Workbook (Digital Copy)

The Pre-Law Masterclass Workbook (Digital Copy)


The Pre-Law Masterclass Workbook is the “bible” of the Pre-Law Masterclass: an online course including video lessons designed to advise, coach, and guide you through the law school admissions process!

Benefits of the Pre-Law Masterclass Workbook:

1. Learn which LSAT prep course is best via our comparison chart.

2. Includes TWO sample LSAT study schedules and a LSAT timing chart.

3. Includes an addendum chart.

4. Includes a strategic law school list sample — 7 pages long!

5. A preview to what else is included in the Pre-Law Masterclass!

6. Pre-Law Homework Assignments

7. Law School Admissions Cost Breakdown Chart

And more! Non-refundable.

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